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Belgian Talent Incubator launches NL branch - Blogpost cover
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News: Belgian Talent Incubator launches NL branch

Written by Nuskha Semaun on 15 April 2021 for Companies

Exellys, a Belgian based Tech Talent Incubator, recently launched its Dutch branch. With over 120 IT consultants working at +40 companies in a variety of industries and an internal team of tech talent scouts, talent development managers, (digital) marketeers and account managers, the company has already shown an impressive growth curve since its establishment in 2014.

“Since we’re now part of a bigger ecosystem (The Projective Group, ed. in) with a strong foundation in the Dutch market, this seemed like a logical next step,” says Exellys’ COO & CFO Ilse Roosens. “We already did our first hires and are in conversation with several companies who are interested in working with us. This confirmed that there’s definitely a place for our unique training and coaching approach in the Netherlands. We also have an office in Amsterdam, which we will be sharing with Projective and Hyfen as soon as the construction of our very own office bar is ready.”

Penny Van Puymbroeck, Exellys’ very first hire back in 2014, will be leading this expansion. Based on how Exellys has been handling the war for talent in Belgium for the last 7 years, their ambition of onboarding between 15 and 20 consultants by Q4 2021 isn’t at all far-fetched.

Penny Van Puymbroeck & Ilse Roosens Penny Van Puymbroeck & Ilse Roosens

About Exellys

Exellys is a Tech Talent Incubator. Our single mission is to attract, develop and retain the finest tech talent in large and medium-sized companies and major tech start-ups. We incubate tech talent into our customers’ operations of today and we prepare them for the innovations of tomorrow.

Are you a student, recent graduate or a professional and are you looking for a challenge in tech? Or does your company believe in the potential of young tech talent? Let’s talk!