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Technology and innovation will save the day

Written by Hans Vernimme on 15 November 2017 for Companies

Exellys attented the Web Summit in Lisbon this November, the Walhalla of all things tech. It was an amazing event and we were blown away (yet again) by how technology and innovation are reinventing the way we live, work and interact with each other.

The future is here people! We already have the power to bring about massive change.

So, what should we focus on first?

According to Al Gore, our first priority today should be climate change, the worst humanitarian crisis yet. And it’s the innovative entrepreneurs, tech companies, and pioneering bright minds that will help save the day.

We at Exellys are very proud to be part of this tech community and we will continue to support this pioneering industry in its quest for positive change.

Click this link to watch his entire talk, we highly recommend it.



Image: AFP/Getty Images

Written by Hans Vernimme Talent Development Manager