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5 learning platforms to sharpen your skills while staying at home
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5 learning platforms to sharpen your skills while staying at home

Written by Sam De Meyer on 20 April 2020 for Professionals

“Never waste a good crisis”, a saying you probably heard more than once since the coronavirus outbreak started. But wasting away your time with Netflix probably isn’t the best way to tackle your quarantine. Why not boost your skills and qualifications?

Whether you’re still a student or are in a system of temporary unemployment, it’s crucial to spend this extra time wisely. So, why not follow an online course on a learning platform or acquire a new skill so that when the market does pick up again, you’ll be ready.

5 learning platforms to sharpen your skills while staying at home

We listed some of our favorite technology skills platforms you can use to get ahead. The best part? In order to make the best of a bad situation, most of these platforms even offer free trainings during the corona crisis.


In 2004, Pluralsight was founded as a physical classroom training company. In 2007, the company shifted its focus to online video training and now they have over 7.000 video courses. You’ll be able to measure your skill level and up your game when it comes to software Development, IT Ops, Data and Security.

Because the platform wants to encourage people to #StayAtHome, you’ll be able to use Pluralsight for free, during the month of April!

The Master Channel

The Master Channel calls itself a learning platform for Analysis and Architecture skills. So if your goals is to bridge the business – IT divide, this is probably a good place to start working on that skill.

Fun fact, their CEO is UAntwerp professor Jan Moons and since they have a partnership with Cevora, a lot of their trainings will be free for your employer.

5 learning platforms to sharpen your skills while staying at home

Just as Pluralsight, The Master Channel also offers a range of free courses for those affected by the coronavirus. So, head over to and start learning today.


This online learning platform was founded by two Stanford computer science professors in 2012. In order to create their courses and certification tracks, Coursera works with over universities and companies such as Yale and IBM.

What we love about this platform is their broad range of topics. We regularly use it for courses on AI and Machine Learning, Data, Python and Analysis but with Coursera, you’ll also be able to learn a lot more about topics such as engineering, social sciences, digital marketing and even medicine.

Just as the previous platforms, Coursera offers some form of free training in these special times by providing free access to Coursera for Campus to all impacted colleges are universities.


Udemy was launched in 2010, 10 years later the platform has over 50 million students and 57.000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages.

The best part of Udemy? Everyone can upload a course on their platform. And this is exactly what Exellyst Domien did. So check out his course on Machine Learning, Ai and Data Science without programming!

This Exellyst created an AI course without a line of code

Recently Udemy launched the Udemy Free Resource Center, a curated collection of over 150 free Udemy courses.

Global Knowledge

According to their website, Global Knowledge exists “to address the total skills profile of technology professionals”. With over 3.000 unique IT courses and 1.100 subject matter experts, they’re the world’s largest dedicated IT training company. They also work as an authorized training partner for AWS, Sisco, IBM, ITIL, VMWare, and Microsoft (just to name a few).

As a learner you have a lot of options on this platform, not only when it comes to topics but also when it comes to learning methodology. Whether you prefer physical or virtual classrooms, blended learning or self-paced e-learning, Global Knowledge has it all.

Up to you!

During their Start, Grow and/or lead Smart programs Exellys consultants get a training budget of €5.000 which they regularly use on these platforms and now you can too!

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity,” is what Albert Einstein once said. So now it’s up to you to seize this opportunity, sharpen your skills and be prepared for whatever comes next. Good luck and stay safe!

5 learning platforms to sharpen your skills while staying at home

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Written by Sam De Meyer Training Coordinator