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7 office pranks to try out this April Fools - Blogpost cover
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7 office pranks to try out this April Fool’s

Written by Nuskha Semaun on 26 March 2023 for Professionals

Cover image: NBC

After two April Fool’s Days working from home, it’s finally time to catch up on some perfectly timed office pranks. Keep on reading for some of the internet’s greatest examples. Also, if you haven’t already, check out our previous blogpost on some of the general do’s and don’ts of office pranks. Because you don’t want to turn your office prank into a career limiting move.

Hi Printer

Print out an “official” notice to let your colleagues know that a certain piece of office technology has had an update and now takes voice commands. Stick it to the piece of equipment of your choice (the printer or coffee machine would be our choice) and see – and hear – what happens.

Voice activated copy machine

Desktop Screenshot

A simple but effective monitor trick:

Step 1: Wait until your colleague takes a quick coffee break

Step 2: Take a screenshot of his or her desktop and move all desktop folders and files into one new folder and put that in their documents folder

Step 3: Replace their current desktop background with the screenshot you just took

Step 4: Sit back and watch as your colleague starts to freak out because nothing on his computer is working

If you feel like messing with your colleague’s screen but don’t feel like going through al these steps, a fake windows update will also do the trick. Just copy paste this URL in the browser of your victim and put your window on full screen.

The gift that keeps on frustrating

For this classic of office pranks, all you need is a ridiculous amount of wrapping paper. (Pro tip: buy some at the dollar store to save some cash).

All you need to do is gift wrap everything on your colleague’s desk. And by everything we literally mean everything. Keyboard, mouse, monitor, framed pictures, desk, office chair, individual paperclips (if you’re feeling ambitious), you get the picture. If you don’t, here’s one…

Gift wrapped desk

Stick to one pattern or color scheme to create a shocking visual display.


Get a small Bluetooth speaker, hide it somewhere in the office (in the ceiling for example), play a soft cat meow every 15 minutes and see what happens

The Stapler in Jell-O

If you consider yourself a fan of “The Office”, this office prank will definitely ring a bell. If it doesn’t, this clip might bring back some memories.

Want to try it yourself? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Disclaimer: You’re going to need a lot of jello!

The Drawer Aquarium

Imagine this, you arrive in your office, open up your computer, maybe get a quick coffee, get back to your desk, open up one of your drawers and then this happens:

The drawer aquarium

We know, this is definitely leaning to the expert level of office pranks, but your colleague’s reaction will definitely be worth it. If you don’t feel like dragging your own favorite goldfish to work on April 1st, you can always go for this classic…

Anything including an air horn

If you want to grab your entire floor’s attention, this is definitely an office prank you should try. The possibilities are endless. Here’s some inspiration:

Air horn pranks that hopefully don't get you fired

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