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Daikin created the factory of the future - Blogpost cover
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Daikin created the factory of the future (and you can join them)

Written by Lien Ponnet on 10 February 2022 for Graduates

There are many advantages to joining our awesome Exellys community. We’ll talk more about our matching process and our coaching and development programs later in this article, but first we’d like to point out that as an Exellyst, you get to work for interesting and innovative companies, such as Daikin, who are currently on the lookout for a Technical Analyst ready to kickstart her/his/their career.

The factory of the future

Daikin has been providing high-quality innovative climate management systems for more than 45 years. They can call themselves a Factory of the Future – an honour given by technology federation Agoria and innovation centre Sirris to innovative companies. Because of the substantial investments in new technologies, digitization and smart processes and products, the factory in Oostende (Daikin Europe Group’s sales and manufacturing headquarters) has developed into the most advanced factory for air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration installations in Europe.

Image Daikin created the factory of the future

Daikin’s investment in growth

The Daikin Group is determined to keep on growing and has presented an ambitious growth and expansion plan at the end of 2021. The European division will be investing 840 million euros to, on the one hand, further develop research and development centres and increase production, sales and service capacities. On the other hand, they want to finance the further digitization of its business model. While Daikin Europe achieved a turnover of 3.4 billion euros in 2020, it is aiming for 5.7 billion euros in 2025.

Daikin created the factory of the future (and you can join them)

Digitization and innovation

Currently, Daikin is developing an app that allows clients to monitor their Daikin HVAC systems from anywhere. Using the app on their phones, they could make sure their house is nice and warm (or cool) by the time they get home.

Of course apps like this don’t just magically work. There’s a team of nifty tech talents behind it. So how would you like to be the one to make sure the Daikin app gets all the features the client needs, ensuring the home installation can communicate with the app? Does it sound good to be the driving force behind Daikin’s Cloud Services, a dashboard that enables B2B clients to monitor energy consumption in their various branches? As a technical expert in Daikin’s European Development Center, this is exactly what you’d be doing! Curious? You can find out more and apply here.

The advantages of Exellys

We’re not just your average consulting or recruitment agency. We’re a tech talent incubator. We make an effort to really get to know you. We invite you for extensive talks, let you take a few tests to determine what your biggest strengths are and where you could benefit from some training. We make a promise to look for the best fit for you (and that might be a company like Daikin) based on your personality, your ambition and your goals.

Smart programs

Depending on where you are in your career, you get started in one of our proprietary training and coaching programs: Start Smart, Grow Smart or Lead Smart. Over the course of two years, you get extensive trainings and have a personal coach (someone we like to call your Talent Development Manager, or TDM for short) in your corner to help you navigate challenges, assess how you’re doing and how you could do even better and to provide answers to any questions you might have.

After two years, you get a chance to integrate at the client to grow your career even further. But don’t worry, you’ll still get invited to Exellys alumni events!

Want to know all about our unique approach? Curious about how we can kickstart your career and help you reach your moonshot? Get in touch with us today or easily download an overview of all our tracks, we look forward to hearing from you!

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About Exellys

Exellys is a Tech Talent Incubator. We match ambitious companies with the finest tech talent. Are you ready to drive the innovations of tomorrow? Ready to make an impact and become a future-fit digital leader

Whether you are a graduate or (young) professional, Exellys will unlock your full potential by guiding you to a challenging work environment that perfectly matches your personality, expectations and ambitions.

On top of that, you are enrolled in one of our very own training and coaching programs (based on your personal and professional ambition and experience). This means that, while working as an Exellys consultant, we are helping you to bridge your ambition to excellence.

Through intensive training and coaching, you’ll gain the essential skills, competencies and knowledge necessary to become the highly effective professional you aim to be. Become an Exellyst and get in touch with us today!