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red devils
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How our Belgian Red Devils can teach you to be better at your job

Written by Elke Vermeir on 4 July 2018 for Graduates

All photos by Photo News, Getty Images

Monday, July 2nd. Belgium vs Japan, 3-2. How to describe the match in one word? Resilience.

I was watching the game in Antwerp and it’s safe to say that I broke some sweat after the second goal that put Japan in lead 2-0. But what I took away from this experience is the incredible resilience the Belgian team displayed. They were defeated, all the odds were against them but they fought back as a team and came out on top!

How? By applying a positive growth mindset. Just as we teach you to do at Exellys.

red devils

But what is resilience?

Being resilient means rebounding from setbacks and adversity when facing difficult situations. And this is how you can develop it…

  1. Meeting resistance? Push through it.
  2. Lose confidence when challenged? Prepare to present a strong case.
  3. Giving up after one or two tries? Try something different.
  4. Path blocked at every turn? learn to navigate the maze.
  5. React defensively when criticised? Respond constructively instead.
  6. Trying to do too much? Regain your balance.
  7. No energy? Get fit and healthy.
  8. Lost your passion? Rediscover what matters.
  9. Suffered a setback? Take positive action.



Resilience, trust, self-awareness, situational adaptability, collaboration, communication…

Our Talent Development Managers (or coaching experts) at Exellys chose 15 competencies from the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect Framework. Every single competency is carefully selected to help you boost your mental strength, to improve your self-confidence and to teach you to be a valued member of a corporate team. Resilience, might just be the one competency to rule them all. Why?

Resilience teaches you how to anticipate setbacks, how to bounce back quickly by being flexible and adaptable. Resilience teaches you to preserve a positive attitude and to trust there is a solution for every problem even if you cannot see it at the present time. It also makes you appreciate a worthy challenger. And we have to hand it to the Japanese, they played well and therefore pushed us to play even better. That is perhaps the most important quality about resilience: it shows you how to grow from negative experiences to become a much stronger individual, a much more competent professional.

Exellys Start Smart & Grow Smart coaching programmes

We told you a thousand times and we’ll continue to make this clear: when joining Exellys, you join a team of passionate professionals who support you at every step of your career. You get to be part of a dynamic group of starters and you get the help of a dedicated coach who will push you to become the best you can be.

Our coaching does not only focus on hard skills, at Exellys we recognize the vital importance of competencies that fortify your mental strength. Because no matter how good you are at what you do, when you don’t learn how to cope with setbacks or stressful and demanding situations at work, you won’t last long in the corporate game.

Winner, winner chicken dinner

As a wise man on a cooking show once said: what did we learn today?

  1. Resilience is a vital competency that can be taught and improved
  2. Applying a positive growth mindset will fuel your winner’s mentality and boost morale when encountering setbacks,
  3. You have to join Exellys (we’re just kidding… or are we?!).


Want to know more about our Start and Grow Smart programme? Have a closer look at our website. Heard enough and want to join Exellys? Head over to our job page or contact us directly. We’re looking forward to meet you!

red devils

So, Brazil, brace yourselves because we’re coming for you!

Written by Elke Vermeir Talent Development Manager