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How to form high performing teams in hybrid enviroments

Written by Elke Vermeir on 6 April 2023 for Professionals

Just like every year we had another great edition of Meeting of the Minds. Organized by our very own consultants. During this event, there were a lot of interesting talks, panel discussion and some great opportunities to network. This years panel discussion was all about “how to form high performing teams in a hybrid environment”. We invited Jeff Van Calster (Projectivegroup), Sandrine Murrath (Belfius), Mohamed Ahmed Shallo (Swift) and Marc Gielis () to come and talk about this subject. Here are some key takeaways from the panel discussion. 

Find balance in hybrid working that works for you and your team

You cannot put everyone in the same box. Some people enjoy being at home 5 days a week and some want to see people every single day and hate working from home. It’s important to look for ways you can work together that suits both sides and have a balance. Everyone has their preference, you have to take everyone’s persona into account. We have to keep on doing hybrid working, but can’t forget our happiness. You have to find a balance that you and your company can live with.

A manager has to be a good facilitator

It’s important for the manager of the team to be a good facilitator. It’s an important skill to have as a manager. You must include everyone into the conversation. Everyone has to have had the possibility to speak their mind. In a team there will always be some who talk more and some who talk less. This is where the manager comes in. He has to orchestrate the conversation and make sure everyone that wants to give their opinion has given their opinion.

Tracking team based performance is more important then individual performance

Never track individual performance. Team based performance is always the more important metric you have to track. When a team does well and someone and has good performance, but there is someone with bad performance in the team. That person will be automatically  highlighted by the team. This will send a way more powerful message then a manager telling you your performance is bad. A bad review from your peers you have to work with will sink in deeper then your manager telling you.

Dare to decline meetings

These days energy management has become more important then time management. You have to put your energy into things that you think will be the most beneficial for the company. If you get invited to a meeting that you don’t think will have value to you. Decline it. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people but something you might have to do to guard your own valuable time. Your work/life balance will thank you for it.

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Written by Elke Vermeir Talent Development Manager