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This is why a Tech Talent Scout at Exellys is so much more than a recruiter

Written by Astrid Roest on 2 November 2017 for Professionals

Do you truly understand what it is exactly we do? Because recruitment doesn’t even begin to describe our core business.

Bridging the gap

We at Exellys, are passionate about attracting, selecting and matching young tech graduates and professionals with the perfect job at the right company. We bridge the gap between the academic and the business world and by doing so we give them both a chance to boost their potential.

Going the extra mile

But that’s is not all we do. Have you scouted a diamond in the rough? At Exellys, we go the extra mile and with the right training and coaching we turn talent into excellence. And both our graduates and clients love us for it!

Tech Talent Scout, what’s in a name

We gave our Tech Talent Scout Astrid Roest the third degree, to give you a better idea of what it is we do. So, read on, learn more about talent scouting at Exellys and who knows you might just be the new colleague we are looking for.

Attract, select, match and repeat. Is this how you would describe your daily work?

Astrid: “(Laughs.) Although this is definitely a recruitment mantra, our day-to-day work is far more diverse and far more challenging. You have to bear in mind that we’re not looking for just any profile. We’re looking for the hidden gems within a very specific niche. Finding and attracting the right talent requires effort and determination. Going to job fairs, roaming outside universities or hanging on the phone all day won’t do the trick. You have think outside the box and really put yourself out there.  Channel your inner marketer and be tech savvy enough to 1. convey a compelling message and 2. use innovative tools to spread the word about Exellys. But that is exactly what makes it interesting and exciting.”

With over 3,000 applications each year, how do you select the top 100 IT talents?

Astrid: “Well, you start with a thorough screening and rigorous selection of each and every applicant based on their IQ, EQ, personality, motivation and soft & hard skills. When these tests match up with one of the profiles we’re looking for, you get up close and personal by conducting competency-based interviews. Whether or not a candidate makes the cut, it’s important you provide feedback at all times! It’s a learning curve for these young talents and by educating them about their strengths and weaknesses you help them grow. The selection process is not a one-way street, though. It’s also an opportunity for you to inspire excitement and get a perfect applicant to say yes. You too learn from each and every interaction and further expand your apparatus with mad skills.  For the selection process for example, you need to assume the role of a researcher to adequately interpret test scores. Second you have to evaluate skill sets and personalities just like a psychologist would. (Winks). We did tell you we’re more than recruiters!”

Why do reputed companies in various IT disciplines look to Exellys for the perfect match?

Astrid: “You must understand that IT companies operate in a rapidly changing landscape. They constantly need to revolutionize or they fall desperately behind. In order to stay ahead of the game companies are looking for the right players to secure themselves an innovative enterprise of the digital world. And that is not an easy task as such ‘game changers’ are hard to come by. That is where we come in. Exellys is an expert at scouting talent, nurturing it and matching it with the right project and/or company. Matchmaking is a tricky business as you have to cater to both the ambition, expectations and skills of the candidate and the needs of the company. It’s a marvelous challenge really, you learn so much about the future of, well the world really. These companies and young professionals are at the forefront of change, evolution, revolution even.  And as a Tech Talent Scout, you’re always in the know!”

Matchmaker, psychologist, marketeer, … sounds like a Tech Talent Scout at Exellys is one multitalented gem him/herself!

Astrid: “(Smiles.) Yes, we are! But then again so is the company we work for. Exellys literally means quality and that goes for both our candidates and our team. As an IT Talent Scout you are the first point of contact for both the potential candidates and the companies. Therefore, you need to know how to communicate, how to enthuse. Searching for a candidate in robotics? You need to know your stuff in order to convince them to choose Exellys. Put yourself in their shoes, empathize, connect with them. That is what Exellys is all about. We take care of “our people” by focusing on their personal growth. This applies to both our candidates, and the whole Exellys team. It might seem like a lot to take on, but boy oh boy you get a lot in return! You get to work in a reputed company with a startup mentality which basically means you get the best of both worlds: a very attractive salary package and the freedom to make your mark within the firm. You get to work with passionate colleagues who push you to become better and support you in the process. What more could you ask for?!”

Written by Astrid Roest Talent Development Manager