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Kasper and Lise’s client integration journey - blogpost cover
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It’s a match! Kasper and Lise’s client integration journey (video)

Written by Elke Vermeir on 31 May 2022 for Graduates

Kasper Belmans and Lise Willemsens have both been proud Exellysts since 2020. Kasper recently integrated at his client, Corona Direct and Lise is feeling right at home at Belfius Insurance. At one of our recent events, they gave a brief presentation about how they experienced their journey.

Kasper works as an Analyst for the implementation of Axon software at insurance company Corona Direct. Lise started her trajectory at Belfius Insurance as a Functional Analyst and recently added some Project Lead responsibilities to her taskset. Both of them are really happy at their clients and have decided to integrate and continue their professional journey there.

But what exactly constitutes a good match? Kasper and Lise have made a list of required aspects and nice-to-have aspects for a good match. It turns out that what they instinctively identified as more or less important, is also supported by literature and research.

People first

The first and most important thing according to Kasper and Lise, are the people. Your colleagues are the most important aspect in what makes a good match. After all, you spend so many hours with these people, it’s best you get along with them – maybe even become close with them – so that working also feels like spending time with friends. The current and future opportunities are also determinative – these need to be challenging and motivating so you feel the drive to keep pushing forward.

On the other hand, ‘Practicalities such as location, a nice office, and so on, are important, as are the salary and benefits. But these are not the things that motivate us to give 100% every day,’ says Lise.

Motivators and dissatisfiers

Research shows that there are key factors that foster motivation and help you to perform better. But there are also aspects that kill motivation if they’re not up to par.

Key motivators that give you personal satisfaction are the autonomy you get in your job, mastery (getting better at what you do), and purpose (the feeling that you’re doing something useful).

It’s a match! Kasper and Lise’s client integration journey

Salary and benefits and practicalities on the other hand are dissatisfiers, meaning that they can kill job satisfaction if they’re not up to standard. No matter how much you love your job, if you’re commuting to and from work four hours a day, you will start looking elsewhere eventually. And if you’re not paid correctly for your efforts, you will most likely lose motivation as well.

Why it’s a great match

At their respective clients, Kasper and Lise both feel at home. They like their colleagues, they like the work, and they enjoy doing it. That’s why they’re happy to become their employees instead of Exellys consultants, and why they praise our matching process. At Exellys, we give our all to find you the perfect match – one where you’ll be happy to stick around long after two years as an Exellyst!

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Written by Elke Vermeir Talent Development Manager