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Kubernetes An introduction to high availability - blogpost cover
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Kubernetes: An introduction to high availability (video)

Written by Nuskha Semaun on 13 June 2022 for Professionals

Meet Jochen Wilms, Exellys almunus & Software Engineer at ProjectiveGroup company The Glue. During one of latest events, he took the stage to give a talk on Kubernetes, or k8s, in short.

Being highly available is essential for business success. After all, if many people use your platform at the same time, you do not want it to fail. That’s why major companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix and Spotify are using Kubernetes. Next to high availability, Kubernetes has a lot of other advantages, such as being immensely scalable, flexible in cloud environments, cost effective, etc.

Jochen Wilms Kubernetes An introduction to high availability

Nodes, pods, deployments, services and statefullsets: do you know the basics of Kubernetes? In this short presentation, Jochen gives an introduction to K8s, tells you why you should never have more than one application stored in a pod, gives a better alternative to statefullsets (of which he is seemlingly not a fan) and finally, gives you a solution to problems you never knew you had. Watch his full presentation right here.

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