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Meet the very first UK Exellysts

Written by Astrid Roest on 31 October 2020 for Graduates

After Belgium and the Netherlands, Exellys recently made its way across the North Sea to begin its UK chapter. With the support of ProjectiveGroup’s ecosystem and strong footprint in the financial services industry, we started growing the Exellys UK community. Let’s get to know some of the people who joined us.

Alaric (MUFG, Libor Transition)

My name is Alaric, but most people call me Al. Before joining Exellys UK in March I studied Economics and Politics for my undergraduate degree then a master’s in Finance, both at the University of Kent. What attracted me to join Exellys was its unique opportunities and collaborative culture. Their awesome office bars and amazing events definitely helped as well. To mention some highlights from my first six months, one would be the joint Exellys and ProjectiveGroup mid-year offsite in Rotterdam where we had the chance to meet all our colleagues from across the group, and secondly, I really appreciated how quickly we got involved and were given responsibility in important initiatives at MUFG, whilst receiving good support along the way. When I’m not at work I enjoy anything to do with sports and travelling. I am currently part of a hockey club in London playing twice a week and I also spent a year working at a ski resort in Whistler, Canada. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the wider ProjectiveGroup team and am looking forward to expanding my network even further.

Shairan-Bose (Customer Support Engineer)

My Name Is Shairan-Bose and I am a Digital and Technology Solutions graduate from Coventry University, currently working as a Customer Support Engineer for SWIFT based in London. When Exellys approached me for the role, I was very much drawn to their focus on growing and nurturing talent. The promise of a training budget with access to a varied catalogue of different opportunities demonstrates that personal growth is very much valued. From my first day I had extremely supportive coaches who ensured not only that things on the Exellys side were going well, but also checked in with my client managers regularly to ensure that commitments from both sides were being met. The team around me has allowed me to feel comfortable as a graduate starting a new role whilst letting me focus on developing my skills and talents to further my career. Being part of Exellys has given me the opportunity to travel and meet colleagues from around Europe and take part in the exciting joint off-site events, which has allowed me to build strong networks within the field of FinTech but is also a great excuse to party! My time at Exellys so far has allowed me to create a solid foundation for the beginning of my career in the professional world, and I can see the skills and connections I have learnt along the way supporting my career goals in the long term.

Dylan (MUFG, Libor Transition)

I’m Dylan and I joined Exellys in March, having graduated from the University of Kent with a bachelor’s in Economics and the University of Bath with a master’s in Finance. What most attracted me to join Exellys was the unique opportunity to work at an Investment Bank so early on in my career. The immediate level of responsibility and exposure to senior stakeholders was something I was extremely excited about. What I’ve most enjoyed so far has been the opportunity to travel. I’ve spent a weekend in Belgium for training (Exellys Start Smart programme), as well as travelling to Rotterdam for the joint mid-year offsite. On top of this, the new London office has been a great place to enjoy a few beers after work and get to know other colleagues within Exellys and the wider ProjectiveGroup. I have really enjoyed the LIBOR project at MUFG so far and I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead. When I’m not at work I enjoy going out with my mates and spending time with my girlfriend and love everything football related. Most weekends I’m watching Luton play with my old man – any Hatters fans, hit me up!

Ben (MUFG, Libor Transition)

I’m Ben and I studied Economics at the University of Bath, with a placement year at the Loan Market Association. After my placement year, I was keen to get involved more directly in the market, and Exellys gave me a fantastic chance to gain experience working directly within Financial Services, whilst also getting a structured programme of training. I was also attracted by the inclusive culture of Exellys and ProjectiveGroup and the opportunity to go to a wealth of different events. So far, I have enjoyed learning more about the market, whether this has been through the training provided or the technical knowledge of the lending process I have developed at MUFG, as well as the various office events that have given me the opportunity to get to know my fellow Exellys and ProjectiveGroup employees. As part of the Exellys programme, the plan is to move to the client after a two-year period. Whatever the case may be, my goal is to continue to work in the syndicated lending space and hopefully get the opportunity take a more hands-on role in this process.

Yijia (Libor Transition, MUFG)

I’m Yijia, originally from China but currently living in London and working on the LIBOR transition programme at MUFG. I joined Exellys after graduating from the University of Strathclyde with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. The reason that I wanted to join the programme was because it offers the best opportunity for me to kickstart a career in investment banking and benefit my self-development for the future. What I have enjoyed so far about my experience has been the fact that everyone involved in the recruitment process were very friendly and helpful, the initial training programme which gave us a great foundational knowledge, as well as the skills I have gained while working with the LIBOR transition team. I definitely feel that the company has the best interests of its employees in mind and is committed to helping me grow and be successful within the organisation. Moreover, the new ProjectiveGroup London office has been a great place for me to meet and socialise with other people within Exellys; and the wider ProjectiveGroup. For my long-term goals, I wish to keep working on the LIBOR programme in MUFG to expand my knowledge relating to financial services and gain more experience across business and products areas within investment banking.

Swathi (Libor Transition, MUFG)

I’m Swathi and I went to business school in India and the UK. After a brief stint in audit at KPMG and Mazars, I was looking for my next challenge when I came across the Exellys offering for UK graduates at ProjectiveGroup. I could see from current employees on LinkedIn that the working culture is very people friendly and ‘flat’, where everyone has the opportunity to interact with colleagues from different levels in the organisation to learn more about their work and seek guidance on their professional development. This was a big plus for me as I have a keen interest in building a professional network that I can leverage for my career’s growth. The ProjectiveGroup is structured in a way that it constitutes several firms, each with a specific domain of expertise, and this shows their commitment towards developing in-depth expertise in various areas of organizational transformation. Over the last six months, I have been on a regulatory change project at a large investment banking client and have witnessed a steep learning curve. I have had the opportunity to learn from a diverse range of colleagues who have previously worked at top banks and consulting firms. Going forward, I expect to gain a deeper understanding of the financial services industry and pick up more technical project management skills, so I have the opportunity to manage projects and demonstrate my leadership capabilities. I’d also be keen to explore other opportunities in Europe to enhance my worldview.

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Written by Astrid Roest Talent Development Manager