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Fast learners, great potentials

Written by Hans Vernimme on 19 April 2018 for Companies

“At the very moment, meeting Exellys was a real gift as they helped us to find the rare IT talents we were looking for.”

Interview with Mrs. Cindy Van Humbeeck, Partner at Mazars Advisory Services

How did you get to know Exellys?

I met Raf Seymus via the Presidents Institute, an executive networking organization. This is how we learned more about the Exellys approach.

Which specific challenges did your organisation face concerning IT Talent?

Our biggest challenge is to find the right talents in IT consulting and IT audit as people do not always spontaneously find their way to our organisation.

In our business we see a variety of customers, requiring excellent analytical and synthesis skills.

We have 2 Exellys IT talents on our team, 1 business engineer doing IT audits with customers and 1 civil engineer working internally on a big data project.

What value did you get from Exellys in helping your organisation to solve this challenge?

The young graduates, working on our team are definitely high potentials, identified in the screening phase.

The analytical and synthesis skills, along with an eagerness to learn are important specifications for the consultancy talents we seek.

We apply internal coaching standards within our advisory team, this is complemented with the Grow Smart training and coaching programme.

How would you quantify the potential (business) impact of partnering with Exellys?

I tend not to rationalise the business impact, however their graduates show an intrinsic growth potential. They want to be challenged and bring proof of their future potential by delivering on a variety of assignments and climbing a steep learning curve.

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Written by Hans Vernimme Talent Development Manager