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How to find the perfect professional match

Written by Pieter Mijnendonckx on 13 March 2018 for Graduates

Matchmaking is serious business, especially when it comes to the graduate-employer relationship. Why? Well, you’re a first-timer, a newbie, a greenhorn… As with your very first serious relationship, the experience you gain will set the tone for the rest of your career. You don’t want trust issues, low self-esteem, or underappreciated potential to weigh you down, do you? No, you want them to give you wings and the room to fly high!

Choices, choices, choices

But what makes a company the right fit for you? How do you find the perfect professional match? As an IT graduate, it’s not an easy feat because of two main reasons: choice overload & lack of self-knowledge. You have one of the most sought-after professional profiles. Companies are lining up and even fighting for you. A good thing for sure, but they would promise you the world to get you to sign. And it’s quite a disappointment when several months into the job, you realize your employer isn’t going to make good on his promises and you’re stuck.

Know thyself!

Okay, you’re a twentysomething golden ticket for many a company. You have the world at your feet. What will you do? What do you want to achieve? Where do you start? In order to answer these questions, you must first get to know yourself better. What drives you? What hard skills do you possess and what do you need to improve? Who are you as a person? What about your soft skills? Trust me the list is long!

In good company

Luckily for you, you don’t have to go through all of that on your own. At Exellys, you get to have a badass side-kick to guide you through all that first-timers stuff. We ensure a good fit between you as an aspiring IT Professional and the project you’ll be working on. We take the time to get to know YOU. We invest in your personal and professional development through intensive coaching to ensure you end up exactly where you want to be. Sounds good right, too good to be true? Let’s ask Dieter & Lennert, Exellys consultants & analyst programmers at Delen Private Bank!

Exellys Delen Private Bank

How did you end up in the Exellys Start Smart Programme?

Dieter: “I met you guys at the KU Leuven Job Fair in 2016. The Job Fair was quite overwhelming. And after meeting a few companies I found my way to Exellys. I already heard about you through Jeroen, a friend of mine. He vouched for Exellys, saying you walk the talk.”

Lennert: “I also met Exellys at a Job Fair, organized by Thomas More in Geel last year. I was convinced by your overall approach and the story behind Exellys. The coaching and trainings were really something I was looking for as a graduate.”

After an extensive analysis, we matched both of you with Delen Private Bank. Would you have ever thought you would end up in the private banking industry?

Lennert: “I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest, but I’ve always had an interest in the financial and economic world so I was up for it. I like a challenge and I soon realized the banking world is a complex environment that’s subject to change and has no margin for error. The pressure is definitely there, but I can always count on my team at Delen. It’s a very open work place and everyone is very approachable.”

Dieter: “There were several matches I could choose from, but in the end Delen Private Bank really stood out for me. I got the feeling they were interested in what I have to offer as a person, rather than what my resume has to say. Having impact and making a difference is also really important for me. It’s a family-run business and it shows in the way they go about their employees. Most of the time we get tasks at short notice due to government decisions or current events. Management always makes sure we feel at ease and understand what is expected from us.”

Exellys Delen Private Bank

What do you like best about working for Delen Private Bank?

Dieter: “It’s a flat organization, meaning there isn’t much hierarchy to take into account. Everyone is very approachable and helpful, even though they have a lot on their plate. I don’t know how they do it, but they have found the perfect balance between providing support and giving you the freedom to figure things out on your own. That is the best way to grow professionally in my opinion, so it’s very much appreciated!”

Lennert: “I couldn’t agree more! Plus, you have a flexible schedule and they offer free lunch every day…! (Winks.) The best feeling for me, though, is the fact that I really get to help the company prepare for the future. Digitalization in the banking industry is going strong, especially in a private banking environment, and I get to be a part of it.”

How does the Exellys Start Smart programme support you in the process?

Lennert: “I’m just getting started so all I can say is that the Insights training I got during our kick off weekend in the Ardennes, really helped me optimize the way I communicate professionally. And it’s already proven to be helpful. I also have several coaching sessions planned with my Exellys coach which I’m looking forward to. It’s quite reassuring to know that he’s in touch with my customer and that he’ll translate the feedback he receives about me into a learning program to further develop my skills. My coach also listens to what I have to say about my assignments at Delen Private Bank and will always try to defend my interests when needed.”

Dieter: “I’ve already had my share of training, being part of the Start Smart Programme for 1.5 years now. The most important thing for me about the programme is that it really pushes me to become better at what I do by steadily moving outside of my comfort zone. When I just started, I was quite the introvert, but now I feel more at ease when interacting with colleagues and other professionals at work.”

About Delen Private Bank & Exellys

Different companies, different industries, same philosophies. As an IT graduate, you get the support you need from your Exellys coach and the freedom to implement what you’ve learnt at the exciting professional playground of Delen Private Bank. Together we kick-start your career from day one.

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Written by Pieter Mijnendonckx Digital Growth Marketeer