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How will cloud computing change your organisation’s way of working?

Written by Lien Ponnet on 22 April 2023 for Companies

In today’s world where data is king, cloud computing is the undisputed reigning queen. It provides access to your company’s data from anywhere on any smart device connected to the internet. With that, cloud computing responds perfectly to the needs of the post-pandemic workplace model where working remotely is quickly becoming the norm. So did your company already bend the knee to her majesty? Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t wait too long to pledge your allegiance.

Unlimited data storage and security

One of the most well-known benefits of cloud computing is the unlimited data storage it offers. Unlimited means you get to scale big data storage capacity as and when you need it, only purchasing what you require. No more costly and inflexible on-premise solutions requiring high maintenance security. Speaking of security, it’s still the biggest hurdle for companies to migrate their data to the cloud, especially for those in highly regulated industries. While their concern surrounding unauthorised access to data, compliance risk, and network monitoring is understandable, it is often unjustified. Security is better and less costly to implement in a cloud environment. Cloud servers are equipped with the latest security features and cloud storage companies have dedicated cybersecurity teams monitoring threats 24/7.

Organisational change required for cloud

Cloud computing has the power to positively change the way you do business. The technology holds many benefits such as competitive advantage, improved time-to-market, cost reduction and greater reliability. To unleash the full potential of its services, however, companies need to change their organisational structure. The key here is to look at cloud computing not from a technological angle, but from a service point of view. It’s no longer about what you use, but how you use it. The how requires businesses to scrutinize their traditional approval, planning and change cycles as well as the roles & responsibilities within their IT departments. Successful cloud migration is more than CI/CD pipelines, Infrastructure as Code and serverless computing. It’s a complete shift in mindset.

Rise of virtual desktops

A virtual desktop enables you to access all the office apps you need from anywhere, and on multiple compatible devices. No wonder they have seen a dramatic rise in popularity during and in post-pandemic times. But that is not the only reason why virtual desktops are continuing to make their mark in the IT solutions landscape. Organisations are increasingly adopting desktop virtualisation due to two other perks offered by the software. The first advantage is the fact that virtual desktop platforms can be scaled up or down depending on the intensity of usage. This is far more cost-effective than needing to buy individual user licenses knowing very well some of them will hardly ever be used. The second benefit offered by virtual desktops is the productivity they spark across the business. The synchronous character of its tools enables real-time communication and collaboration in a “same time-different place” mode. And that brings us right back to the remote workplace model, coming to a full circle.

Small businesses will go global…in days.

Before cloud computing, setting up an online business was a costly process. You had to invest time and money in infrastructure, training and scaling, leaving less room to focus on the actual business. Thanks to cloud computing, this process became astronomically efficient. All you need today is access to the internet and some XaaS tools such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Slack and Salesforce and you’re ready to rumble. Thanks to cloud computing, small businesses will go global…in days, since they get to leverage powerful and inspiring technologies with minimal investment and high returns.


What thinkest thou? Is your company ready to move with the zeitgeist? Or more importantly, are you ready to change the way you do business? Think of it as game of chess. The king is the most valuable piece, because if you lose the king, you lose the game. BUT, the queen is the most powerful piece, because she has the most flexibility. So if you want to outsmart the competition, you go cloud computing!

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