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Experts in talent integration
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Partnering for talent incubatorship

Written by Nuskha Semaun on 3 August 2018 for Client testimonials

“A good understanding of our organisations’ needs and the ability to match talent profiles, characterised by an open and flexible partnership”

Interview with Mr. Leo Punt, Head of EMEA Services & Support at SWIFT.

How did you get to know Exellys?

Through Arkelis, a SWIFT subsidiary company that used to partner with Exellys. Following the full integration of Arkelis into SWIFT, we continued the existing cooperation with Exellys.

Which specific challenges did your organisation face concerning IT Talent?

We faced no specific challenge that required us to change our approach. We had a well working SWIFT young graduate programme for many years.

However, when we got in touch with the programme that Exellys offers, we realised this fully complements our recruitment approach.

Specifically, the Exellys entry-level format for IT graduates where the emphasis is to find the best fit between candidate and organisation from both culture and job content perspective is well appreciated.

What value did you get from Exellys in helping your organisation to solve this challenge?

The ability to identify and introduce the high-quality talents we are seeking and the preceding matching process with our organisation is a plus.

Also, the flexibility of their model strongly complements with our own recruitment and staffing efforts.
The permanent influx of young IT talent in our organisation is something we can achieve through our partnership.

We have 7 Exellys consultants onboard in our Professional Services and Customer Support area. Four consultants are active in R&D.