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The next generation of talent for HPE - Blogpost cover
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The next generation of talent for HPE

Written by Nuskha Semaun on 5 October 2021 for Client testimonials

Exellys has been working together with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) since 2018. Exellysts are active in various teams within HPE, from Networking to Hybrid Cloud. HPE’s open culture really appeals to our consultants and matches well with the values of Exellys. Consultants benefit from both the Exellys training programs and HPE’s own Graduate Program, which provides coaching and professional development to young employees. We had a chat with HPE’s Account Services Lead Frederic De Schepper about why Exellys and HPE make such great partners. 

Searching for the right fit together

HPE was already working with a partner to recruit management profiles, but they weren’t immediately able to find a partner for technical profiles. Exellys was happy to help them out. HPE originally came into contact with Exellys because Exellys Talent Development Manager Leslie Hemmerechts had previously worked at HPE for about 12 years. “It really helped having Leslie as our contact person to find the right fit between the two organisations,” De Schepper says. “He gets our culture, understands our organisation and is familiar with our vision on the human side of things.”

Today there are already four Exellys consultants working at HPE in Belgium and recently one Exellyst joined the HPE team in the Netherlands. And they’re not just “your everyday technical consultants,” De Schepper emphasises. “They are technical people with above-average commercial talent, and that’s really interesting for our company. We have a growing need to recruit more presales profiles. That’s why we’re happy with Exellys taking ownership of selecting the right profiles and providing them with a training and coaching program focused on these technical and commercial skills. It’s nice that the company is open to this, as it’s not necessarily their core business.”

Same mindset, same goals

Their search for presales profiles isn’t the only proof that Exellys is ready to go the extra mile. De Schepper feels that HPE isn’t just a number or yet another client for Exellys, but a real partner. “In that sense, we certainly share the same mindset,” he says. “We’re especially looking for new employees with an open, ambitious approach who want to deliver that little extra to make our customers happy. It’s nice to find that spirit at Exellys too.” De Schepper also points to HPE’s Graduate Program, which he helped found. It gives technical talent the opportunity to present their work and achievements to management. This lets them show where they are in their development, or what area they could use some extra support in. “Exellys also applies that idea of keeping their finger on the pulse,” says De Schepper. “For me that demonstrates maximum engagement.”

You might not expect this from a tech company, but for HPE people are more than ever considered their greatest asset. “Technology means that people have to update their skills, but also that they have to think differently and take on new roles,” says De Schepper. “We’re happy to invest in this new generation of intrapreneurs: people who exhibit passion, communication skills and drive.”

A bright future ahead

The new year brings new ambitions for both HPE and Exellys. As a result, the need for talented consultants like these is only increasing. “We will certainly continue strengthening our partnership with Exellys over the coming months,” says De Schepper. “We are definitely planning to recruit two to three Inside Sales employees. We look forward welcoming consultants with a similar profile like the Inside Sales consultant who started a couple of weeks ago. Along with the technical profiles, we absolutely want them to be part of the Graduate Program. To put it another way: we’re looking for the next generation of HPE leaders, exceptional young people with the drive and determination to create the future of IT. I’m looking forward to what the future has in store!”

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