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Attracting young tech talent at an established industrial player

Written by Lenny Sluyts on 19 November 2018 for Companies

Interview with Mr. Patrick Vermeulen, CIO at Umicore.

“Our experience is an efficient process and a highly professional and smooth cooperation with Exellys.”
Patrick Vermeulen, CIO at Umicore

How did you get to know Exellys?

“Following a personal contact at a job-event for young graduates, our HR department at Umicore introduced Exellys to our IT department.”

Which specific challenges did your organisation face concerning IT Talent?

“Umicore is a well-known industrial player, but we have very little exposure with young graduates in IT. We want to anchor our in-house capabilities for our core IT applications. Therefore, we were specifically looking for two young potentials with SAP background or the willingness to learn and further develop the competencies required. At Umicore, running recruitment campaigns to fill around two similar positions per year would be costly with little certainty of successfully attracting the right talent.”

Umicore Patrick Vermeulen

What value did you get from Exellys in helping your organisation to solve this challenge?

“Contrary to Umicore, Exellys is known amongst students and graduates with interest in IT. Consequently, they have the exact outreach to the profiles we are looking for. Their approach is innovative and distinctive. We especially appreciate the matchmaking between candidates and our organisation, the time gains throughout the process and the continued training and coaching efforts, which is also novel to our own HR organisation. In the meantime, already three Exellysts have been successfully integrated as fulltime Umicore employees and we currently have three Exellys consultants on our team.”

How would you quantify the potential (business) impact of partnering with Exellys?

“The biggest substantial gain is the fact that our HR department spends less time on the selection and recruitment process, combining this with a seamless integration framework for the young graduates. I would estimate these time gains up to 60 – 70% compared with a traditional recruitment model.”

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