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Glickman and Exellys: a good match right off the bat

Written by Nuskha Semaun on 24 July 2019 for Client testimonials

Glickman is a consultancy firm that turns customer data into actionable insights and ready-to-use solutions to get, keep, and increase customers. As a rapidly developing scale-up, their team has limited time and resources to find the right talent to power their growth. That’s where Exellys came in. A week after Glickman’s first meeting with us, they met Exellyst Lander Dellafaille and knew right away he was the right guy for their team. The match worked out so well, they even came back for more! Managing partner Jacques Recourdon sat down with us to share his experience.

Jacques was looking for new talent that would be a good fit for his company. Someone he knows at Duval Union referred him to Exellys, and he arranged a chat with our Chief Liaison Officer Gerrit Sarens. As a growth company making the transition to scale-up four years after starting up, Glickman isn’t in a position to keep a lot of people on the payroll at this stage. “Recruiting and hiring the right talent can be very costly, and the struggle to find talent that’s a good fit is real,” says Jacques. “That’s why I found the full-service, low-risk Exellys model intriguing. It’s kind of like leasing a car instead of buying one: that formula appealed to me.”

A perfect fit: It’s all about helping people

Jacques decided to check out the Exellys talent to see if they could find a good match for a data scientist profile. After meeting just a couple of candidates, Glickman quickly settled on ‘the one’: recent graduate Lander Dellafaille. “He had the right profile, and also showed a particular interest in our company from the start,” says Jacques. “Though Lander didn’t have a lot of experience in data-driven marketing, he did have a great education – and more importantly, the drive and the attitude. He knows a lot about data and is passionate about it. Lander was one of the quickest matches we’ve ever made: there was only one week between his first interview and the eventual match.”

Glickman and Exellys - A good match right of the bat

Lander’s transition into the company went super smoothly. “He picked up our way of doing business very quickly and really understood the product we offer,” says Jacques. “Now we’re 9 months along and our first impression has been fully confirmed. It’s almost embarrassing to say how much we love working with Lander. He’s a perfect fit.”

People business

Data might be Glickman’s game, but people are their name. “We’re a no-nonsense scale-up with a century of collective experience between us, which helps us make decisions quickly,” says Jacques. “As a small company you can’t go through three layers of authority, and that’s a good thing.”

Their emphasis on working lean means personality is an important element. Next to being an electronics and IT engineer by training, Lander also happens to be a real extrovert. “That’s why this was such a good match,” says Jacques. “As a consultant you also have to know how to sell.”

Glickman and Exellys - A good match right of the bat

Like most young professionals, Lander still had some things to learn. Glickman was happy to give him extra training in marketing to get him up to speed. “Our own strong suit is: We help people. We’re about way more than algorithms, we want to help people accelerate by offering them expertise,” explains Jacques. “And we saw the same in Lander. He’s someone who’s good with people and who makes contact quickly.”

The Exellys touch

Gerrit from Exellys is in touch with Glickman regularly to see how it’s going and to offer support. We continue to coach Lander to develop his strengths and make him an even stronger asset to the company. “Every three months Exellys checks in with us to evaluate Lander’s performance, attitude and other issues. Then they get together with Lander to go over the feedback and give him the tools to keep developing his skills,” says Jacques.

Glickman knows from having their own staff how much time and administration goes into hiring someone themselves, so they’re happy to have Exellys take care of the nitty gritty on top of finding and nurturing their new talent. But what really sets us apart for him is our open and direct approach. “Exellys says it like it is, I never feel like there’s a hidden agenda. I feel at ease with them, and that’s a nice way to do business. As for Lander, he has been enthusiastic enough about working at Glickman to promote the company among his circles. This resulted in a spontaneous application by another consultant, and once again things clicked.”

We’re proud to support the Glickman team with yet another dynamic young Exellyst. Are you looking for the right tech talent for your company? Let’s talk!